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Our Services

Do you need any help in running a particular stuff on the internet but finds it hard doing it?
you might just be at the right page because we don’t just upload movies and music, we also have a list of interesting services that we offer world wild.

Our team is always ready to support you and fulfill your need. bellow are the list of services we offer.

List Of Services

  • Email Registration: We can help you register a Yourname@yourcompany.com email address and host it within your desired server. It is advisable for both companies, organisations and individuals to register a professional email in other to attract more customers and make them feel that they are at the right place of business. even you who is a business owner, knows that in running a business one has to have a professional email in other to attract customer. well at Naija2movies here are we going to help you register your own mail and help you host and forward it to your desired mail address.
  • Website Designing: are you a trader, ceo, artist, actor, business film, organisation, church, politician, entrepreneur or individual who wants to design and run a website but looking for where to start, at Naija2movies here we are Eager to help you design you a website of your choice for you business or personal use.
  • Advert & Promo: Do you have a business brand, company, organisation or are you an individual, artist, webmaster/blogger, ceo or agency who wants to get to a wilder audience online?. you are at the right place because we offer Advertise on our web pages and social media handles.

Features Of Services

  • Email Registration: below are the list of what we can do for you.
  1. Register a yourname@yourcompany.com
  2. Host your mail
  3. Forward your mails to different email addresses

Cost = ₦6000

Contact: Contact@naija2movies.com.ng or Call +2348169127160

  • Website Designing: Below is the list of what we can do for you.
  1. Designing (Responsive Design)
  2. Domain Registration
  3. Hosting
  4. Email hosting
  5. Search engine indexing
  6. Backlinking etc.

Cost= ₦20000

Contact: Contact@naija2movies.com

  • Advert & Promo: Below is the list what we cam do for you.
  1. Sponsored Post
  2. Banner Ads
  3. Interstitial
  4. Text ads etc.

Cost: Visit Advert Page to see the list of Subscriptions.

Contact: Advert@naija2movies.com.ng