The Flash: The 5 Best Villains (& 5 Worst) - Naija2Movies | Free Movies and Tv Series Downloads (Mp4) | Naija2Movies | Free Movies and Tv Series Downloads (Mp4) The Flash: The 5 Best Villains (& 5 Worst) - Naija2Movies | Free Movies and Tv Series Downloads (Mp4) The Flash: The 5 Best Villains (& 5 Worst) - Naija2Movies | Free Movies and Tv Series Downloads (Mp4) The Flash: The 5 Best Villains (& 5 Worst) - Naija2Movies | Free Movies and Tv Series Downloads (Mp4)


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The Flash: The 5 Best Villains (& 5 Worst)

Posted by on January 14, 2020 — Drop A Comment

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The Flash has had many villains in its six seasons, but some of these villains were more interesting than others.
The Flash and Harrison Wells Featured
The Flash gives its audience a fun and exciting combination of dangerous villains and cheesy bad guys. Barry Allen and his friends go up against evil speedsters, misguided metahumans, and just plain dumb criminals. But whether or not they give the Flash a run for his money, the team always puts their enemies where they belong.
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Some adversaries cause cosmic ripple effects that change the timeline. With others, the Flash makes easy work of and simply sends them on their way with the Central City Police Department. Here are the five best, and the five worst, villains in The Flash.

10BEST: Zoom

The Flash season two’s (2) Villain Zoom is among the best Villains of the tv series, Zoom would make Barry run even more faster to get to another dimension just to save his friends and family. 
Zoom who ruled earth 2 came to earth one as a result of what happened at the end of season one.
To me the Season 2 is definitely the best among other seasons.
WORST: Heat Wave And Captain Cold
While a fire and ice team-up is always a good show, Mick Rory as Heatwave and Leonard Snart as Captain Cold made the trope a bit silly. Their abilities didn’t come from superpowers but from advanced technology. Rather than use those skills for something more, they stuck to good old fashioned heists.
Their close friendship made them a fan-favorite pair, but as criminals, they lacked direction. Rip Hunter did them a favor when he recruited them for the Legends. They made better antiheroes than they did villains.

8BEST: Gorilla Grodd

Gorilla Grodd underwent experimentation in S.T.A.R. Labs and was altered by the particle accelerator blast. He developed psychic abilities and enhanced intelligence. While Harrison Wells and Caitlin Snow were interested in studying Grodd for the advancement of science, General Eiling wanted to use the silverback gorilla for warfare.
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Grodd took his revenge by controlling the General’s mind. Thawne took advantage of this and used Grodd’s vendetta as a distraction for Team Flash. Grodd escaped to Earth-2 with chemicals that enhanced neurological functions to build a society of gorillas like himself.

7WORST: Music Meister

No doubt, the musical crossover of The Flash and Supergirl was one for the books. But the Music Meister’s motivations didn’t make sense for a villain. He was more of a trickster as he used his powers to set traps that taught the heroes a lesson.
He trapped Kara Danvers and Barry in their heads in a joint movie musical, warning if they died in the dream, they died in real life. With their powers, he pretended to rob a bank to teach Kid Flash to believe in his powers again.

6BEST: Killer Frost And Deathstorm

The Flash Season 2 Earth-2 Killer Frost and Deathstorm
On Earth-2 Caitlin Snow was a metahuman named Killer Frost with cryokinetic powers. She married that Earth’s Ronnie Raymond who was the pyrokinetic metahuman Deathstorm. The audience loved a good bad guy romance, and none was better than the fire and ice team of Killer Frost and Deathstorm.
But like Earth-1 Caitlin, Killer Frost lost her love when their ally Zoom killed him. This led to her tenuous alliance with Team Flash to bring down the villainous speedster. But the alliance didn’t last as Killer Frost tried to kill Earth-1 Caitlin.

5WORST: Amunet Black

Leslie Jocoy was a flight attendant when she got hit by the particle accelerator explosion that gave her magnetic powers. With the ability to control metal and enhanced strength, she became Amunet Black and used those powers to become a crime lord in Central City.
Considering her remarkable power, she could have aimed a lot higher. But instead, she used her abilities as intimidation to sell stolen technology to rogue metahumans. When she found the Weeper, she held him prisoner and sold his tears on the black market for a huge profit.

4BEST: The Thinker

Clifford DeVoe wanted the best for humanity, but he had an extreme way of going about it. He thought technology was destroying the human race, so he sought to rectify history by ridding the world of advanced tech and wiping it all from their memories.
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Ironically, the only way he could do this was by using an incredibly advanced piece of technology he made that turned him into The Thinker. With the help of his wife Marlize, he almost succeeded. However, she turned on him at the last minute, foiling his plans.

3WORST: Julian Albert

Top 10: Best Villains The Flash Has Faced On The CW Show
The return of the timeline after Flashpoint included the introduction of Julian Albert as Barry’s CSI partner at the CCPD. Julian had no love for Barry and made it very clear with his constant vocal objections to Barry’s lack of professionalism.
Julian specialized in metahumans, making him a thorn in Barry’s side as the hero tried working with Julian without revealing his identity as the Flash. But the worst part was how Julian had no idea that he was Dr. Alchemy, the metahuman he and Barry hunted that brought forth the Flashpoint metas.

2BEST: Reverse Flash

The villain that started it all, Eobard Thawne ran back in time to become the Reverse-Flash. He killed Barry’s mother, setting the hero on his path. Without Thawne’s interference in the timeline, Barry never would have become the Flash, as proven in the alternate timeline of Flashpoint.
Thawne got stuck in the 21st century as Harrison Wells, training Barry to become the hero that would be his nemesis in the future. It’s an incredibly convoluted relationship that calls to question how a villain and hero make each other who they are.

1WORST: Savitar

Savitar’s existence depends on circumstances that Barry himself must create for Savitar to come to life. When Barry undoes Flashpoint, he creates a time remnant that sees a possible future of Iris dying in front of him. Team Flash rejects the remnant for not being the “real” Barry, driving him to vengeance.
To ensure that all this comes to pass, the time remnant becomes Savitar, the villain that kills Iris. But what makes this all so hard to believe is that there’s any version of Barry that would ever hurt the love of his life.

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